Why are certified document translation professionals important?

Certification is required when dealing with any type of work that necessitates official documentation such as immigration, applying for a student visa, or anything else that may need proof of documentation. Even if you are applying within your own country you may need a certification to prove the authenticity of the information and records you have before applying elsewhere. The case is the same with the USCIS; there are multiple documents that may be needed while applying for immigration and their standards require that every document should be translated into the official language of the United States.

There are many companies offering document translation but most of them are not professionals. Dealing with the wrong company can result in a waste of time and resources. Further, selecting a company which provides translation services can be a tedious task. Determining the authenticity of the company, its ability to deliver timely work, and the project’s budget are some of the reasons this can be a difficult process.

Selecting a company that can help you obtain an exact translation of your documents can save a lot of time in the immigration process. Sometimes USCIS can take ages to approve an application. However, if you have the right documents which were translated precisely and accurately, then you will save a lot of time when applying for immigration. Rush Languages is a trusted name in providing certified translation services. Establishing a long-term relationship with an authentic and certified translation company can help you avoid deadlines and be better prepared in the long run.

There are a number of situations where a certified translation may be required. Below are the most common of these situations:

Legal Proceedings

Certified documents are always needed for legal paperwork such as documentation of lawsuits, trials, legal proceedings, or written evidence. Any textual record that needs to be submitted in a court proceeding should be translated into the official language of the court and be certified. An unauthentic document is unacceptable for submission in a legal proceeding.

Immigration Process

Immigration is also a situation where a certified document translation is a must. As mentioned above, the immigration process can be problematic if you do not have the proper documents. That is one reason why it often takes years for an application to be approved in the immigration process. A minor error can cause you a loss of resources, efforts, and especially time. If you are applying in any foreign country, the documents submitted for immigration or citizenship should be in the official language of that country.

There are several documents required for the immigration process which need to be translated. The following are some of the common documents which are necessary for many countries:

1) Passport

2) Birth certificate

3) Marriage certificate

4) Driver’s license

Business Dealings

When working with business dealings, you will need to document many things on paper. If you are working across borders and around the globe, you may encounter some countries that have language barriers. Being able to have a conversation out loud in another language may seem easy. But to document business dealings on paper in a language that is not native to a person can be more difficult. Certified document translation is an essential part of the business if you are working with companies or individuals that speak varying languages. A single misunderstanding in a business document can cost you a loss of years of trust or an important client. To avoid this misunderstanding you need to initially invest in the right people. Rather than saving money by working with non-professionals.

College Applications

Who doesn’t want to study in the best institutes in the world? If you want to study in any foreign college or university, your educational records, degrees, certifications, and diplomas are reviewed by their standards. All of these documents need to be translated into the official language of the country. In addition to the translation, the format of the documents should also be maintained. All these documents should be CERTIFIED.

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