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Rush Translations and Immigrant Services (RTIS) is a leading provider of legal
translation, interpretation and immigrant support services. We are located in Brooklyn, New York – home to one of the largest immigrant communities in the U.S. We have more than 10 years of experience providing immigration-related translations, consulting and support services to the immigrant community. 

Translations Services

Certified Translations

Rush Translations and Immigrant services can provide you with certified translations for all of your immigration-related and legal needs.
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Document Translations

From marriage or birth certificates to affidavits and legal contracts, we can handle all of your document translation needs at affordable rates, from and into almost any language.
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Interpreting for Immigration

Do you need an interpreter for your USCIS interview? We can help, with professional, certified interpreters available in multiple languages.
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USCIS Translations

You can trust us with your translation needs for the USCIS. We are experts in the specific requirements and can make sure that your document submission process goes smoothly.
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Academic Translations

If you’re an international student and need to submit English- language versions of school records, research papers, essays or other documentation, we can help.
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Notary Public

Ask us about our notary public services if you need your certified translation to be notarized as well.
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Immigration Assistance Services

Immigration Forms

Rush Translations & Immigrant Services will help you gather documents and fill out necessary immigration application forms with the information you provide to us

Interpreting for Immigration

We offer high-level interpreting services that are commonly required for various immigration related matters

Immigrant Student Support

Are you an immigrant student or you simply need an advice about your educational goals as an immigrant student in the United States? We are here to help you succeed


Most frequent questions and answers

The translation costs depend on the number of documents you have to be
translated. Request a FREE quote for your project, email us at

Turnaround times vary depending on the number of documents you need to have translated. We will provide you with a detailed estimate on the costs and turnaround times for your translations when you provide us with the documents to review.

RTIS only works with professional, highly-skilled translators and interpreters. And, all of our translations go through a complete, multi-step quality control process to ensure accuracy. Additionally, we can provide certified translations.

We regularly translate dozens of languages for clients from around the globe. Some of the more common languages include Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Chinese, French and Urdu.

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